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In addition to supporting a number of existing projects in West London, we currently also run a number of our own projects. Keep reading for more information on each of these projects, or alternatively, visit our website – Play Association.

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Swinging about, at White City play project – October 2017

The New Dawn Inclusion project

The New Dawn Inclusion project, based at Cheam Common Junior Academy in the London Borough of Sutton, is an inclusive project for children. This project operates each Saturday, and is run by a brilliant team of dedicated play-workers. Since starting in April of 2017, the project has received a lot of attention, and positive feedback from parents, carers and families in the area, and rightly so!

Originally the project was intended to cater specifically for children with complex needs, and to also provide a space where parents, and carers of children with such needs could relax, and build relationships with one another. Parents and carers are able to do this, knowing that the qualified staff team on site are more than capable of creating a safe, enjoyable environment for their children to play in. However, the project has manifested itself into a ‘play-and-stay’ setting, which works perfectly well, although Michele (the Project Manager), and her team are always working to ensure the project is absolutely inclusive for children of all abilities. The unique space available to the team offers a wide range of play opportunities, from soft play, arts and crafts, to games on the AstroTurf pitch, and scooting about on the concrete area!

Be sure to have a read of this project’s own blog post – The projects: New Dawn Inclusion Project, or browse our website for more information.

New Dawn 1
Fun and games at the New Dawn Inclusion project

The Lillis project

This brilliant project has revolutionised our charity, and continues to epitomise everything we at the play association stand for. The Lillis project; named after popular West London councillor Antony Lillis following his sudden passing in 2011, offers one to one support for children with complex needs, encouraging them to play as freely as is possible. Antony Lillis valued the needs of disadvantaged people, and it seems fitting that this incredible project, now based at the Bradmore Centre, on Bradmore Park Road (Hammersmith), in the heart of West London be named after him.

We’ve recently uploaded photos of our work at the Bradmore Centre on our Facebook pageThe Lillis project 2018. Be sure to check them out!

For more information about the Antony Lillis project, take a look at the projects page of our website – Play Association projects.

The Bradmore Centre, 2018

White City adventure play project

Our presence on White City adventure playground, situated in the heart of the White City estate, near Shepherd’s Bush, began in July of 2017. This vital play-space is one of London’s oldest adventure playgrounds, and offers an exciting range of play opportunities including: connected wooden structures, a water slide, sports activities, arts and crafts sessions, multiple tree-houses, and building opportunities, all supervised by our talented play team on site. White City play project’s school holiday, open access (free admission) sessions run from 10am through to 5pm for children aged of 8-14. We are also open during term time from 3pm – 6pm for childcare sessions (£8 per session – includes: school pick up, snack and childcare), and we also run an open access (free admission) service during term time from 4:30pm – 6pm. Check out a flyer below!

White City play project – term time details.

This project is incredibly important for West London because it provides free play opportunities for children, and young people who need to be regularly engaging, and socialising in a safe space. More importantly, our enthusiastic team of play-workers dedicate their time to ensuring every single child who attends White City play project leaves with a smile on their face.

Be sure to read this project’s blog post – The projects – White City Adventure Play Project

For more information about this project, contact Kerry@playassociationhf.org.uk

One of the welcome displays at White City play project

The Holiday Fun Pop-Up Play Project

The Holiday Fun Pop-Up Play Project is without a doubt one of our most important projects, and our Holiday Fun team work tirelessly to ensure children, and young people in areas without play opportunities do have their right to play! Creating ‘safe and stimulating’ play opportunities is what we at the Play Association strive to do on a day-to-day basis, but our Holiday Fun team do something much more important in West London: they break down barriers, and facilitate community engagement. They create opportunities for children, young people, and families to interact, through play.

This project also provides children, and young people with the knowledge, and tools to create/discover their own play-spaces, and the knowledge required to make the most of limited resources. Our intentions with this project are: to provide play equipment to children who have very little on offer, to encourage play and to leave communities with a better understanding of how easy it can be to facilitate play. Fundamentally, we’re re-connecting communities.

More information on these holiday fun pop up sessions can be found on our website, via the following link: https://www.playassociationhf.org.uk/holiday-fun

Playworkers Sherine (left), Eloise (middle) and Francis (right) – July 2017

Hopefully this has given you a better understanding of who we are, and what we do. If you would like to learn more about our projects, and all of the other services we have on offer, please take a minute to visit our website.


Registered charity number: 1108948, Registered company number: 5345096.

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