Events: April

The 100 shares challenge

By now you’ll have heard of our #Big 12 events plans for the new year, and that we’re gradually releasing a bit more information about each individual event.

In a nutshell the #Big12 is: 12 varied challenges, over a period 12 months. You might be wondering why we’re taking on 12 challenges over a period of 12 months? It’s simple – we’re committed to raising funds, and awareness for the important work our organisation is doing to provide children of all backgrounds with the opportunity to play.

This month’s challenge had originally been a ‘ping-pongathon’ (a 10’000 point table tennis rally), but due to unforeseen circumstances we have had to postpone this challenge, and will be taking on an entirely different challenge for our fourth #Big12 challenge event.

On the 14th of April we will be posting a link on our Facebook page, with the details of four Crowd-Funding appeals. These appeals are being launched to raise funds for the vital projects we’re running in West London, Surrey and surrounding areas.

So, what’s the challenge? We’re aiming for 100 shares of the Facebook post, between the 14th of April, and the 30th of April, and we need your support to reach this number!

On Saturday the 14th of April we need you to click on the post, and click ‘share to friends’, to help us reach our target of 100 shares! If you could also make at least a small donation to one, or more of the appeals we would be extremely grateful.

White City play project, 2018

Full details

We will be posting the link on all of our social media platforms:

The main link to share is the one on our Facebook page, but if you could share the links from the other channels with your friends and family as well, that would be brilliant!

You can support us by…

  • Sharing our plans on your own social media channels
  • Making a donation to one, or more of the appeals
  • Asking your friends to share what we’re doing

Why should I support the Play Association?

We’re an organisation worth supporting, because our services, and the brilliant teams running these services genuinely change lives for the better. Our work gives children their right to play back. Find out more about our work here – About us.

What was the last challenge? 

Our last challenge was ‘Complete the Underground‘; the third of our #Big12 campaign, and the photos from this challenge are now available on our Facebook page.


What’s the next challenge?

If you have any questions, or queries about our fundraising activity, please contact

For more information about who we are, what we do, and why we do it, head over to our website, or have a read of the ‘About us‘ page of this site.

And remember:


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