Meet the play-workers: Kwame.

One of our play-workers, Kwame has kindly written a few words about play-work from his perspective, the impact of what we do, and why working for the Play Association is so enjoyable. Kwame is one of our most valued team members on the White City project, always bringing the same vibrant, and positive approach to his work each day, making him a pleasure to be around, whether you’re a project user, or a member of staff. So, without further ado. Over to you, Kwame!

“One of the best sounds in our world is screaming, happy children!

Being able to facilitate a cacophony of joy is a blessing, and having the privilege to do this day in, day out is something I’m very grateful for. I used to volunteer at a different project which has now closed down, and I am thankful that I am able to continue to have fun with Play Association. I love seeing children at the White City play project push the boundaries of what they feel they are able to do, make new friends, socialise with their peers, create art, build things and fully enjoy playing in a safe environment.

In the future I see myself helping to inspire more children to be creative and respectful.”


Couldn’t have put it better myself, Kwame

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