The Play Association challenges


We created the #Big12 campaign (12 challenges in 12 months) to fund the work we do, and to raise awareness for why our services are so vital for West London’s children, and young people.

Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances we will not able to complete all 12 challenges. We have however pledged to continue challenging ourselves to raise funds and awareness for the play needs of children and young people.

Anyone can take on a challenge on behalf of our organisation and we will have plenty of challenges over the coming months for our supporters to get involved with!

Below is a list of the challenges we’ve already taken on:

And, here is the list of the challenges we will be taking on in the coming months:

  • September: Tough Mudder.

Why should I support the Play Association?

By supporting us, by fundraising for us, and by representing the Play Association through a challenge you will be indirectly improving the lives of children who, without our services would not have the opportunities to play freely, in safe and stimulating spaces, which is something we believe children have a right to do

As a non-profit organisation we rely on kind donations, fundraising and support to continue the positive work we do for London’s children, and with your help we can ensure more children and young people are able to reach for the sky.


Join our team. Make the difference.

If you have any enquiries at this point, please email

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